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The law firm of Lowery, Lowery & Cherry is comprised of experienced, proven and successful attorneys who practice law throughout the state of Tennessee. Each and every lawyer has an extensive background in complex legal proceedings. Our firm provides expert legal counsel in all areas of:

The attorneys of Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, PLLC, who together have over 60 years of legal experience, pride themselves on providing their clients with an energized and highly focused approach along with an impressive range of legal expertise. The service-driven work ethic of the firm’s attorneys, their depth of experience, and their dedication to providing cost-effective representation are central to the firm’s solid success.

Each and every member of our firm has extensive experience in complex legal endeavors. We handle all Lebanon criminal defense, at the state and federal level, as well as personal injury conflicts, and intricate issues of business and corporate law. We encourage you to contact our firm about your case so that we may provide skilled assistance in your legal affairs.

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Whether you need an attorney who focuses on criminal defense matters at the state and federal level, a lawyer who can handle your personal injury conflicts, or an attorney with knowledge of intricate issues of business and corporate law, we encourage you to contact our firm.