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Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, PLLC has been the name you can trust to protect you when you are at your most vulnerable. Whether you are facing criminal charges, have been previously injured, are dealing with the deterioration of a loved one’s health, or are embroiled in contract dispute, our team of Lebanon lawyers has been there to uphold your rights and protect your future. When you work with us, you receive all the attention that only a hometown firm can offer, with access to the same resources and capabilities most associated with larger law firms.

In short, our clients are privy to the best of both worlds: a law firm that can handle any complex litigation matter, and a lawyer who sees you as a person, not a case number.

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"Jeff Cherry and his staff did a wonderful job on my Son’s case. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr. Cherry. Thank you, Mr. Cherry."


Aggressive counsel for Lebanon clients facing criminal charges

Facing criminal charges of any sort can be frightening. When your life is literally on the line, you deserve an attorney who knows what it takes to create a defense strategy that works. From misdemeanor charges and traffic violations, to felony murder and federal crimes, Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, PLLC has the skills, resources, and experience you want on your side in the courtroom. We handle a wide array of criminal charges, including:

Federal charges

Some charges, such as fraud or embezzlement (i.e., “white-collar” crimes), are more likely to be handled at a federal level. Others, such as drug crimes or arson, may be handled at either. A conviction for a federally-charged crime often carries a more severe sentence and increased fines; this is especially true if you’re facing hate crime or weapons enhancements. Furthermore, under current law, you can be charged with the same crimes in both state AND federal court through the doctrine of “dual sovereignty.”

Drug crimes

Drug charges are among the most serious you can face, and are often compounded by enhancements. If you cross state lines, you could face federal charges as opposed to state charges, which only add to the challenge. We represent clients facing all manner of charges – such as possession, distribution, manufacturing, trafficking, and possession of paraphernalia – for all banned substances, as well as prescription medications and opioids. We also represent clients visiting from out-of-state to attend the annual Bonnaroo music festival.

Violent crimes

Crimes of violence are often the ones with the most severe punishments. It is critical you hire a Lebanon criminal defense lawyer with experience representing clients facing trial for these types of cases, as inexperience could land you in prison for the rest of your life. Lowery, Lowery & Cherry handles high-profile cases involving accusations of violent crimes such as:


The state of Tennessee has multiple homicide charges. If you are convicted of first-degree murder, the prosecution can ask for the death penalty. Partner Jeff Cherry has successfully represented clients who were charged with first-degree murder, and won their cases. While past experiences do not guarantee results for other clients, if you are facing homicide charges, you need a lawyer who has the experience to represent you in court, not someone who is untested in this area of criminal defense.

DUI and drunk driving

A DUI conviction can cost you more than your license: it can cost you your job, time spent with your family, and thousands of dollars in fees and surcharges. Whether you are facing DUI charges for the first time or the fifth time, we want to help. We also work with clients facing MVA fines or seeking license restoration.

Theft and burglary

Burglary, larceny, shoplifting – theft charges are serious, no matter what they’re called. If you have been accused of taking something that is not yours, you want a lawyer who will fight to have those charges dropped.

Criminal appeals

If you are convicted of a crime at the state or federal level, you have the right to appeal that decision. Lowery, Lowery & Cherry handles criminal appeals in all Tennessee Courts.

Our attorneys can consult with you on any number of criminal charges, including asset forfeiture and acts of vandalism, including arson. Contact us regarding your legal issue for guidance.

Counsel for Lebanon personal injury and car accident victims

There are some injuries which, for all intents and purposes, you can assume you will recover from – a broken leg, a sprained finger, a first-degree burn. Then there are others that are truly catastrophic. These are the life-altering injuries that many people sustain in fires, car accidents, or falls from heights.

Regardless of what kind of injury from which you or your loved one is recovering, the state of Tennessee allows you to make a claim for damages if those injuries were the result of another person’s negligence. Sometimes, those damages can be paid out quickly through a fair settlement; other times, you may need to go to court to fight for the compensation you deserve. Our Lebanon personal injury lawyers prepare every case we take as though we are going to trial, placing our clients in the best position possible to obtain the outcome they need and want. We handle all manner of claims involving:

Car accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are among the most common – and most serious – claims we handle. Victims can sustain traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, crushed limbs, internal organ damage, and more. We deal with the insurance companies, help you secure a rental, work with you to find resources and assistance to help care for your injured loved ones, and fight to ensure that justice is served. Our lawyers take on cases involving:

Truck accidents

Commercial trucks and tractor-trailers, when fully loaded, can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. A collision with a semi-truck, even at a low speed, will almost certainly lead to catastrophic injuries like spinal cord damage, or the potential death of a driver or passenger. We work to ensure that your family is protected after a crash with an 18-wheeler, a delivery truck, dump truck, flatbed, or any commercial vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents

Bikers often sustain devastating injuries in motorcycle crashes because they lack the protection afforded to a standard passenger vehicle or truck. Many motorcycle crashes are the result of another driver failing to obey traffic laws or share the road responsibly. We represent injured bikers in courts throughout Tennessee.

Pedestrians and cyclists

Drivers must treat pedestrians and bike riders with the respect afforded to them under the law. If you were hit by a car or truck, injured because of someone throwing open a door, or hurt because of another person’s negligence, we will fight for your best interests.

Product liability

When you use a product in the manner for which it was intended, you have the right to expect that product to work the way it was supposed to work. When it doesn’t, and you sustain an injury as a result, you can make a product liability claim for damages against the manufacturer or designer. We handle defective product claims involving auto parts, dangerous drugs, defective medical devices, unsafe children’s products, malfunctioning electronics and appliances, and faulty machinery, among others.

Premises liability

Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises safe and secure for visitors. An icy walkway, an unleashed dog, or a poorly-stocked aisle in the local grocery store can all lead to serious injuries. If you were hurt on a private residence, on public property, or on government property, we can help.

Nursing home neglect or abuse

There are few things more reprehensible than taking advantage of the elderly. The effects of chronic neglect can be devastating, though they may not always be visible at first. If you suspect that your loved one is being neglected or abused at a nursing home or assisted living facility in Tennessee, or if you live in Tennessee but are worried about a loved one who lives out-of-state, contact us for help.

Birth injuries

A preventable birth injury does more than break your heart; it can cost you millions of dollars in medical treatments and caretaking over the course of your child’s life. If an act of medical negligence caused your baby harm, we will fight to protect you and your family’s future.

Wrongful death

The loss of a loved one is always sad, but losing a loved one to negligence is truly tragic. Our Lebanon wrongful death attorneys can help you make a claim for damages so you can ensure that your loved one’s bills are paid, the funeral or burial costs are covered, and your family is safe.

Additional legal services for Lebanon clients

While we primarily focus on criminal defense and personal injury law, Lowery, Lowry & Cherry, PLLC also offers transactional and litigation services to corporate clients. Our business law attorneys help clients grow and dissolve their businesses, offer strategic counseling in regard to M&A and franchising opportunities, represent clients embroiled in contract disputes, and handle securities and anti-trust litigation.

We also assist clients who are looking to create, amend, or manage their estate plans to ensure proper business succession and charitable giving. We handle trusts, wills, advance medical directives, guardianship, PoA and other documentation on behalf of clients who wish to ensure their wishes are met. We also represent clients who wish to contest a will, or who are facing will contestation, in probate litigation.

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