Even with Fewer Car Crashes in Tennessee This Year, Injuries Are Still Severe

Thanks to an aggressive campaign on behalf of Tennessee law enforcement, the number of car crashes in 2013 went down. In fact, we had fewer than 1000 fatal accidents the whole year – a record low for recent years. But victims might be singing a different tune, given the severe consequences associated with a wreck. It’s why we as personal injury lawyers fight so hard for compensation for our clients – you never know what kind of long-term or permanent effects a crash may have on your life.

The most common injuries caused by a car accident

Even a fender-bender could have some long-lasting effects. It’s why we personal injury attorneys always tell clients to seek medical attention first and foremost. You could be suffering from:

  • Traumatic brain injury. Head injuries are common in single- and multi-vehicle accidents. You may have hit your head on the dashboard, or been injured by your airbag.
  • Spinal injuries. Most people think whiplash is the only spinal injury that occurs in car crashes, but there are other dangers, too. You could crack your vertebrae from the impact of a crash, or rupture a disc if you’re thrown against your seatbelt too hard.
  • Broken bones. A severe enough crash can cause broken legs or arms, based on how you were gripping the wheel or pressing the brake. We’ve also seen clients who come in with broken noses and cheekbones from the impact.
  • Internal bleeding. The problem with internal bleeding is that, well, it’s internal; you don’t always know it’s happening. Even if you show no signs of injury, seek a doctor’s advice immediately after a crash. The bleeding could be caused by damage to your internal organs, which might require surgery.
  • Mental anguish. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder isn’t limited to combat veterans or the victims of violent crimes. At our Tennessee firm, we’ve helped people who develop a paralyzing fear of driving or of getting into a car.

We want you to stay healthy and safe when you drive, but sometimes accidents happen. As we well know, insurance companies don’t always want to do the right thing. If you’ve been in a serious car accident in Tennessee, make seeing a personal injury lawyer the second thing you do after you see your doctor. The insurance companies have lawyers to protect them; you should have the team at Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, PLLC to protect you too.