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Estate administration and probate litigation services throughout Middle Tennessee

Whenever a person passes away, regardless of whether there was a will, the decedent’s debts must be addressed and their property passed on to their heirs or beneficiaries. Failing to address these issues after someone’s passing can cause serious difficulty for those who are left to deal with the decedent’s affairs. If the decedent took steps to create an estate plan the probate process may move more quickly and efficiently. In cases where there is no will, however, or the will is contested it may become necessary to seek representation from a skilled probate attorney.

Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, PLLC offers probate and estate administration services to clients in Lebanon and throughout Middle Tennessee. We combine our years of litigation experience with a passionate approach to the law in order to best serve clients whose loved ones’ estate are in probate. When you need a skilled probate litigation lawyer in Lebanon, look no further than Lowery, Lowery & Cherry.

What may happen during probate?

The Personal Representative, or “executor”, of an estate ensures the decedent’s final wishes are carried out. During the probate process, the Personal Representative works hand in hand with our lawyers to:

  • Value the worth of the estate
  • Notify any beneficiaries named in the will
  • File all inheritance and estate taxes
  • Ensure all charitable gifts are properly secured
  • Pay off any debts due to creditors
  • Managing any additional assets

At Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, we help clients through this process with practical guidance and support. Our attorneys ensure that estate and inheritance taxes are calculated correctly and that creditors with legitimate claims receive what is due, and help you distribute assets to beneficiaries once the estate is out of probate.

Skilled litigation for contested wills

Though wills and trusts are used to expedite the process of administering an estate based on a client’s wishes, it is possible to experience delays if someone contests the will. A person or creditor with standing who contests the will may be heard by a probate court. The court may also hear cases involving:

  • Accusations of mismanagement by an executor
  • Disinherited children
  • Inaccurate or potentially fraudulent claims by a creditor
  • Estates where no wills nor trusts were created
  • A change in the size or value of the estate between the time the will was created and the passing of the decedent

At Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, we have substantial experience litigating on behalf of clients in courtrooms throughout Tennessee. We are formidable litigators with the skills, resources and experience you want on your side in cases in front of a probate court. We represent executors and beneficiaries as well as individuals with standing who wish to content a will in Lebanon and throughout Middle Tennessee.

Efficiency and thoroughness throughout the probate process

Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, PLLC is a trusted source for individuals in need of guidance during probate. Please call 615-444-7222 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation with an accomplished Lebanon probate attorney. We proudly serve clients throughout Middle Tennessee, including those in Cookeville, Gallatin, Mount Juliet and Nashville.