Police Now Need A Warrant To Search Your Cell Phone!

In today’s digital world, new laws governing the internet, cell phones and peoples’ rights to privacy arise quite often. While many of these laws have been in favor of government interests, such as national security, on Wednesday the Supreme Court ruled in favor of privacy. As of Wednesday, police can no longer casually search your cell phone without first obtaining a warrant to do so.

Chief Justice Roberts wrote, “Modern cell phones aren’t a technological convenience. With all they contain and all they may reveal, they hold for many Americans ‘the privacies of life.’” This is a huge win for our rights to privacy. Law enforcement argued that cell phones should fall under an exception allowing police to search pockets to make sure they don’t have any concealed weapon or a chance to destroy evidence, but the Supreme Court’s ruling was unanimous. Americans’ privacy should not be compromised for police convenience. “Privacy comes at a cost,” was the Chief Justice’s reply to concerns that this new law would impede on pending and future investigations.

As we continue to move into an ever-changing digital age, we applaud the justice system for making what we feel to be the right decision in a very complex matter.

So remember, if you are pulled over and/or arrested, invoke your rights to silence and privacy and you do not have to allow police to search your cell phone. If you are arrested or face charges, call us immediately.