Lawrence McKinney Exonerated by the Governor

Lawrence McKinney Exonerated by the GovernorAfter 31 years in prison, Lawrence McKinney was released in 2009, after DNA evidence proved he was not guilty of the rape and burglary offenses for which he was wrongfully convicted. Mr. McKinney came to B.F. “Jack” Lowery after his release in 2009 and told his story. Mr. Lowery determined to help Mr. McKinney in his quest not only be free, but to be exonerated by the Governor. The parole board not only denied Mr. Lowery’s request for a recommendation to the Governor for exoneration, they simply treated Mr. McKinney with contempt. For the next eight years, Mr. Lowery fought for exoneration, and is pleased that the Governor has given this case a close look, and determined exoneration was to be granted.

You can read the Governor’s statement here.

Mr. Lowery will continue to work toward compensation for Mr. McKinney. Under Tennessee law, Mr. McKinney is entitled to receive up to $1,000,000.00 in compensation for the 31 years that he was wrongfully imprisoned.

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