Rape Defense

Rape Charges in Nashville Area

The legal definition of rape is sexual intercourse without consent. Few areas of law have seen a greater change in the way they are prosecuted over the last few decades than rape laws.

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What is considered rape in Tennessee?

In the past, rape prosecutions were severely limited. It was considered the job of the prosecutor to prove that the sexual intercourse was not consensual, often through corroborating witnesses. In other words, Nashville rape charges in the past required the prosecution to put forward evidence of a much higher standard than was usual in other types of cases.

However, recent changes in rape laws across the country, not just Nashville rape law, have freed the hands of prosecutors. It is much easier today to prosecute rapes, especially date rapes. The burden in such cases is not as squarely on victims to prove their story than it has been in the past, and it is easier to gain convictions without corroborating witnesses. It is also easier to file a Nashville rape case against an individual with whom the victim has a prior relationship.

All rape cases are complicated, and special rules of evidence apply. Even in cases where the accusation is unwarranted, the life of a person can be permanently affected just by having to mount a rape defense in Nashville. If you stand accused of any crime involving rape, you must hire an experienced sexual assault lawyer in Nashville as soon as possible.

Statutory Rape

Statutory rape charges involve sex with minor children, where sexual consent is not legally possible due to the age of one of the participants. All statutory rape crimes are felonies, and carry heavy prison terms and financial penalties.

Spousal Rape

Rape laws in Tennessee do not always apply to people who do not know each other. Domestic violence crimes usually involve assaults between people who live together or are married, and may carry a sexual component.

Most district attorneys maintain special offices to handle sex crimes and domestic violence cases, and anyone accused of domestic violence or spousal rape needs an excellent attorney on their side. It is also essential to hire an attorney earlier in the process rather than later.

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