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Unlike other theft crimes, which are considered crimes against property, robbery is classified as a crime against a person. Because of this, the penalties for a conviction tend to be much harsher than other types of theft.

If you are accused of robbery, the Lebanon criminal defense lawyers of Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, PLLC are prepared to fight to protect your rights. We have been representing clients throughout Middle Tennessee since 1962, and we know how to craft a defense strategy works. If you’re facing robbery or theft charges, call us for immediate help.

What are the types of robbery charges in Tennessee?

Tennessee statute breaks down robbery into four separate charges.

  • Robbery. “The intentional or knowing theft of property from the person of another by violence or putting the person in fear.” Robbery is a Class C felony, and the penalties include between three and 15 years in prison, and a fine up to $10,000.
  • Aggravated robbery. A robbery “accomplished with a deadly weapon or by display of any article used or fashioned to lead the victim to reasonably believe it to be a deadly weapon; or where the victim suffers serious bodily injury.” Aggravated robbery is a Class B felony, and the penalties include between eight and 30 years in prison, and up to $25,000 in fines.
  • Especially aggravated robbery. A robbery “accomplished with a deadly weapon; and where the victim suffers serious bodily injury.” Especially aggravated robbery is a Class A felony – the most severe charge next to a capital offense – and the penalties include between 15 and 60 years in prison, and up to $50,000 in fines.
  • Carjacking. “The intentional or knowing taking of a motor vehicle from the possession of another by use of a deadly weapon; or force or intimidation.” It is a Class B felony, like aggravated robbery.

Notice that of all four charges, only especially aggravated robbery mandates the use of a deadly weapon. Technically speaking, you do not need to actually commit a violent crime to face three out of the four robbery charges in Tennessee.


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When is robbery a federal charge?

Robbery charges can be brought by the state or federal government. In order to face federal robbery charges, you must be accused of robbing a person or institution which is protected under the federal government. This is why whenever you hear of a bank robbery (or see one depicted in TV or film), the F.B.I. is always on the scene. National banks are members of the Federal Reserve System, which is a government institution. Other protected institutions include the Post Office and all government buildings. Robberies that affect interstate commerce are also federal crimes, as the federal government is in charge of interstate commerce.

How our Lebanon robbery defense lawyers can help

Because all robbery charges are felonies, the price of conviction is steep. You cannot have any of these crimes expunged, and a felony record means you’ll lose the right to carry a gun, to vote, to access assistance programs, or to pursue citizenship. You will likely lose your home and your job, as well as any professional license or security clearance you have.

These are serious charges, and you will need a criminal defense attorney who treats them as such. At Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, we give our clients the attention their situations demand. Because we are licensed to practice in both state and federal court, as well as in appellate court, we are by your side no matter what charges you face. Partner Jeff Cherry is a former Metro Police Officer, which gives you the added advantage of our team being able to anticipate how the prosecutor might lay out the case, and developing a strong defense from the start. We also have experience handling high-profile cases, so you can trust us to withstand the pressure.

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