Drug Distribution Charges in Nashville & Lebanon

Drug Manufacturing and Trafficking Charges in Tennessee

Every state has laws that treat the possession of illegal drugs for personal use very differently than the possession of those same drugs for distribution or sale. Generally, the intent to distributed illegal drugs is considered a felony offense.

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Tennessee Drug Distribution Laws

The most common Nashville drug trafficking charges involve the possession with intent to distribute:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin

In any case involving a Nashville drug manufacturing charge, or allegations of the intent to distribute, the prosecution must prove that the defendants knowingly possessed a controlled substance with the clear intent to distribute that substance. The word distribute is key: there is no need to prove the defendant intended to sell the drugs. Because of this, holding drugs for someone becomes just as serious as any other drug possession charge, and can result in a conviction.


Most states consider marijuana offenses less serious than those involving other drugs. However, that is not to say that a Nashville drug manufacturing charge or possession charge involving marijuana is not serious.

States can impose both jail time and fines for a first drug offense regarding possession, manufacturing, or trafficking of marijuana. Subsequent offenses also lead to much more stringent fines, as with all types of drugs.

Cocaine and Heroin

Cocaine and Heroin are usually considered among the most dangerous of illegal drugs that are commonly sold, manufactured or trafficked. Nashville drug manufacturing charges and other such convictions regarding such offenses often result in multiple years of jail time and fines in the thousands of dollars, even for first offenses. Subsequent offenses may lead to mandatory jail sentences and even more financially damaging fines.

Drug Trafficking in Nashville

Drug trafficking means, by definition, either distributing drugs or possessing a certain amount of drugs with the intent to sell them. Prosecutors must prove the presence of every required element of drug trafficking beyond all reasonable doubt, as trafficking is usually the most serious of all drug-related crimes tried in state courts.

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