Josh Robbins


Josh Robbins is a graduate of Lebanon High School, Middle Tennessee State University and the Nashville School of Law, graduating with honors at every stage of his education. He is a member of the WilsonCounty and Tennessee Bar associations. As a firm believer in the legal system, Josh enjoys advocating on behalf of others. When he’s not working, Josh enjoys reading, traveling, writing and spending time with his girlfriend and his dog Mia.

Josh practices in the areas of wills and estate planning, probate and family law, divorce, child custody, contract law, business law, entertainment law, personal injury and criminal defense.

If you haven’t gotten around to doing your will, power of attorney, living will or creating an estate plan give Josh a call and he can help you create the documents which will fulfill your wishes. If a friend or family member has passed away and you need assistance with their estate, arrange a free consultation with Josh. He will guide you through the probate process, applicable law and advise you of any rights you may have regarding inheritance.

Likewise, if you are having issues regarding divorce, child custody or child support payments, Josh can advise you of your rights as a spouse and as a parent. Additionally, if you have been injured, would like to begin a business or are having business or contract disputes, give us a call and Josh will discuss the situation with you, then advise you regarding the legal avenues which will allow you to accomplish your goals or recover any money owed to you.

If you live in Nashville, Lebanon, MountJuliet, Hermitage, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Cookeville, Franklin or any of the counties of Middle Tennessee please give Josh a call at 615-444-7222 or email him at The initial consultation is free and we service all areas of Middle Tennessee.